Hardscapes and Landscapes

Design and Installation

We design our projects using the latest software and carefully select the best plants and materials for installation.

Restoration and Repair

We specialize in restoring and repairing high maintenance, old or overgrown landscapes and outdated or damaged hardscapes.

Organic Plant Fertilizer

Our custom organic fertilizer recipe is a balanced blend that will greatly improve the quality and bloom of your plants.

Our Recent Projects

View some of our recent hardscape and landscape projects below.

Wild, Flowery and Colorful

Hardscape Materials: 6x6 and 6x9 pavers

Plants: Little Lime Hydrangea, Pineapple Guava, Japanese Maple, Soft caress Mahonia, Camellia Japonica, Lavender, Rosemary, Creeping Thyme, Butterfly Bush, Windmill Palm, Encore Azalea, Cypress Gold Mop, Crepe Myrtle, Coneflower(Echinacea), Coreopsis, Lantana

Services provided: Designed and installed a patio in the rear of the home with two pathways; one pathway led to a another patio with fire pit and the second led to a workshop; designed and installed a wild, flowery, and colorful landscape per the customer's request; installed a garden area; installed sod with Zorro Zoysia



Speaks Law Firm

Plants: Boxwoods, Japanese Maple, Cypress Gold Mop, Drift Rose, Podocarpus Maki, Sabal Minor Palm, Crepe Myrtle Tuscarora, Drift Roses, Encore Azalea, Pindo Palm, Soft caress mahonia, Cast Iron Plant

Services provided: Install sod, landscape beds, plants, mulch and irrigation



Flagstone Patio and Fire Pit

Hardscape Materials: Lincoln Creek Flagstone, Pennsylvania Plumstone, Tennessee Cobblestone, Polymeric Sand, Multi-Color River Rock

Plants: Elephant Ears, Anise Tree, Soft Caress Mahonia, Super Blue Liriopi, Agapanthus, Daylily, Huechera, Windmill Palm, Sago Palm, Dwarf Palm, Fire Pot Dahlia, Hosta, Autumn Fern, Cast Iron Plants

Services provided: Cleared out weeds, underbrush, raised and leveled patio base; designed and installed flagstone patio with a fire pit and a short walkway; designed a tropical layout and installed a landscape around the patio and along the border of the natural area; created landscape beds in the natural area using wall rock; cleared trails for walking and riding bikes; installed plants along the property line for privacy



CB Surf Cottage

Hardscape Materials: Silver Travertine Pavers, Multi Color River Rock

Plants: Crape Myrtle Tuscarora, Vitex Shoal's Creek, Sabal Minor, Encore Azalea, Miscanthus Adagio, Coneflower, Coreopsis, Lantana, Liriopi, Podocarpus, Agapanthus, Mondo Grass, Little Lime Hydrangea, Yucca

Services provided: Tear out and remove existing landscape plants, edge and rake landscape beds, install drip irrigation and mulch, install travertine walkway and grilling area, install river rock



Backyard Oasis

Plants: Windmill Palm, Pindo Palm, Yucca, Crepe Myrtle, Red Banana, Lomandra Breeze Grass, Mondo Grass, Loropetalum, Drift Roses

Services provided: Cleared old lawn and weeds, installed sod, updated the irrigation system, created landscape beds with new plants and drip irrigation, installed cobblestone edging and river rock



Yin-Yang Rock Garden

Hardscape Materials: Base Gravel, Sand, White River Rock, Multi-Color River Rock, Lincoln Creek Flagstone, Tennessee Cobblestone

Plants: Japanese Maple, Butterfly Bush, Rose of Sharon, Crepe Myrtle Muskogee, Sweet Bay Magnolia

Services provided: Cleared and graded the land; designed and installed walkways and "Yin Yang" rock garden; installed a drainage system for including catch drains in low areas; tied in corrugated piping from downspouts to catch and redirect roof water; installed plants, drip irrigation, pine straw, mulch walkways and stone garden



Contemporary Patio and Walkway

Hardscape Materials: Base gravel, 2.5 ft travertine tiles

Services provided: Cut away and leveled the area with base gravel, constructed a French patterned patio

Southern Charm

Plants: Soft Caress Mahonia, Endless Summer Hydrangea, Fatsia, Fountain Grass, Gardenia Radicans, Elephant Ears, Hosta Daylily, Dahlia, Mondo Grass

Services provided: Cleared lawn, weeds and old shrubs; installed sod, landscape beds, plants and mulch; installed drip and spray irrigation; salvaged and transplanted several Crepe Myrtle trees; pruned large Palm trees



A Place of Peace

Plants: Crepe Myrtle Natchez, Gulf Stream Nandina, Variegated Pittosporum, Soft Caress Mahonia, Cast Iron Plant, Lantana, Juniper, Cypress Gold Mop, Podocarpus Maki, Red Drift Roses, Ligustrum Recurvifolium, Encore Azalea

Services provided: Cleared and graded the land; installed drainage system, gravel driveway and parking lot; constructed landscape bed areas and installed plants and large (Field Grown) Crepe Myrtle trees; installed irrigation; designed and installed landscaping at the front and side entrances including a walkway, shade garden and sitting area

Please Note: The project was completed according to all city guidelines and site plan provided by an engineer. A cement company poured the driveway apron and handicap parking pad.



Fire and Water

Plants: Japanese Maple, Crepe Myrtle, October Glory Maple, Spice Plant, Cast Iron Plants, Daylily, Drift Roses, Encore Azalea, Little lime Hydrangea, Super Blue Hydrangea

Services provided: Designed a new landscape; removed unwanted shrubs; cut down and removed unwanted trees; cleared and graded existing lawn; created landscape beds; installed plants, drip irrigation and pine straw; repaired and updated irrigation system; renovated a fire pit area; installed a water feature



A Bird Friendly Landscape

Plants: Wax Myrtle, Blueberry, Beauty Berry, coneflower, abelia, Butterfly Bush, Red Bud, Dogwood, Hydrangea, Japanese Maple, Gold Mop

Services provided: Cleared and graded the area, installed sod and added trees and flowering shrubs, created a bird friendly and low maintenance natural area



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